Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dragon & Bard

To the slayer bold, with courage, no fear,
And sword aflame, honed with armor anew;
To the bard who’s words fall soothing on ear;
Magnificent stories of much ado.

We seek you out, noblemen of the realm.
Recount your tales; it need not be the truth.
Bravery is you, commandeer the helm.
Sing us your ballads of a misspent youth.

Reveal your dragons, your battles with fire;
Your nobles, pageantry and tales of woe.
Legends and sagas, we truly desire;
The thrilling pursuit, the call: tallyho!

For all of England doth truly revere
Saint George, the Dragon and William Shakespeare.

This post is a response to the 100 Word Challenge posted on Julia's Place. Each week, there is a new "theme" and challenge to write a 100 word piece. Click the graphic to check out the site. 

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