Saturday, August 7, 2010

NSN Storytelling Conference Delivers!

The 2010 National Storytelling Network Conference this past July 29-August 1 in Los Angeles was a triumph (at least for me)! It was another example of “being in the right place at the right time.

Susan O’Halloran did a masterful opening keynote. Kevin Codri’s workshop on Play was fun-filled and informative. Patricia Reily’s story swap and breakout on Stories in the Workplace and Organizations was quite revealing and inspiring for opportunities. A panel on Producing a Winning CD with Tim Erentea on the panel was eye-opening. And a storytelling panel and presentation on Storytellers with Disabilities left many of us both tearful and hopeful.

The marvelous workshops, keynotes and concerts were enough by themselves, but the perks of connecting with old friends and making new ones were joyous. Gini and Michael Cunningham from the Bay Area were a delight and a great support team. Karoll Alexander from Phoenix is a new-found teller and friend. And Mark Compton and I actually spent more time talking at the conference than we are able to in Phoenix due to our distant geography. To top it all off, an evening of dinner and entertainment at the Magic Castle in Hollywood brought back many fond memories.

Kudos to Michael McCarty, his entire NSN team and all the wonderful presenters for a great west-coast conference!

P.S. To see several 60-second video bites of many of the presenters, go to my website:
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