Monday, April 11, 2011

Five Weeks to England

I am five weeks out from this year's trip to England!

This is my third summer traveling to England with my friend Carl Cooke (Cookie). We bicycle around, camp out, meet interesting people sometimes have mystery food, and have great adventures. This year, I will be going for four weeks!

In addition to our "base camp" of Salisbury, I hope to visit Amsterdam, and then bike & train south through Belgium to Brussels. Then over to Calais, ferry across to Dover again, and perhaps revisit Canterbury. That was one of my favorite spots last year. We may also try to get over to Sandwich (yes, birthplace of the sandwich, and historical home to the Earl of Sandwich, inventor of the ubiquitous treat.). It might be fun.

Once again, I will be posting daily, or as often as I can with stories, pictures and perhaps some videos. Those who wish may subscribe to this blog, check in periodically, or watch Facebook for notifications that I have posted.

I am in training mode now and am trying to bike a little every day in order to get into shape. Oh, the knees. Oh well, better having some pain now than wait till I arrive and have a big shock like the first year.

And now…the adventure has already begun.
Thanks for visiting.