Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ode to Ginger

It was the end of November,
A gray and rainy day,
With her fur all scruffy and curled.
This pup was adopted from AAWL,
And she forever changed my world.

They called her Tulip,
But she spoke to me
And said it was such a shame
That the folks at the shelter never knew
“Ginger” was her name.

Her undercoat is ginger-spice brown
And she’s as mischievous as can be.
She climbed the doggy gate I put up.
“Don’t fence me in, I have to be free!”

She would cock her head and stare at me.
She’d back up a few steps, as if to say,
“Hey dad, come on, let’s go outside
Or at least get a toy and let’s play.”

Her bark is deep and rather loud.
If you didn’t see her, you’d never know
That she’s really just a tiny pup;
One foot tall from head to toe.

She loves to romp, and run and play.
She’s like a little gnome.
We found each other, we both know now
She has a “forever home.”

On that last day in November
The fates stepped in
And foretold a future, yet to be.
Somehow they knew that I would rescue her
So she could rescue me!

Mark Goldman

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